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We can help your community heat network project

Establishing ourselves as a different kind of energy company hasn’t happened overnight.

We have looked across the industry in the UK and in Europe for expert advice and best practice to help us provide local energy that is affordable, clean and secure.

Over the last three years the energetik team has worked with specialist lawyers to develop a suite of commercially robust strategic documents and legal agreements. Considerable time, expertise and expense has been invested in the design of these documents, to ensure a fair price for consumers and an acceptable financial return for the Council. In turn, they facilitate the practical aspects of operation and service delivery, and safeguard the financial and operational security of the business.

We want others to benefit from community energy done in the right way from the start, so are keen to hear from other organisations who could take advantage of this work.

A full suite of these project documents is available for purchase, significantly reducing development costs and the time needed to enter the heat supply market. These documents can deliver 80% of what’s required to support a local authority district energy project.

The documents available include:

  • Legal agreements for contractor delivery, developer connection, and long-term heat supply
  • Design specifications for high quality heat networks
  • Tender documentation for procurement exercises
  • Detailed Business Plan
  • Governance documents needed to set up an energy company

We include a free knowledge-sharing workshop in our offer to kick-start your project

In addition to the documentation, we are happy to offer a free and bespoke knowledge sharing workshop from our team of industry experts. During this session we will share the lessons we have learned and answer questions from your teams; whether from your sustainability, energy, regeneration, planning, finance, legal or procurement departments.

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energetik is also organising a series of public sector workshops to share our learnings, starting this summer. We will give more information about these events along with wider news about Enfield’s heat network development in our newsletter. Sign up now using the ‘Stay in the Loop’ form to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you are interested in finding out how purchasing these documents can help accelerate your community energy project, please Contact us.